Real time information

Receive real time information from your child's school directly to your mobile device when you need it. You get all the information you need for your children and nothing you don't.

21st Century Communication, got informed directly. Instantly & effectively reach your school community anytime, anywhere.

Stay connected

Whether you're within school hours or without, Social School app allows you to get your information and communicate with your school.

Instant notifications on your mobile device will let you up to date with all important alerts and keep you connected all the time.



ALL-in-One application

Find everything you want to know in one place. See your child’s grades, timetable, activities, homeworks, calendar, exams, behaviour issues and achievements, and much much more.

Stay connected to your child’s related resources like news, photo galleries, videos, events, and all other things.

and more...

Attending different schools?

Don't worry, Social School caters for multiple schools from within the app itself. Parents with children enrolled in different schools can switch between schools easily. Jump between your children's schools with the touch of a button.

Multi-language interfaces

Social School app supports your language. All of the features in Social School app can be viewed in your preferred language including Arabic, English, and French. Other languages will be added.

Direct connect with school

Send your messages and communicate with school administrators directly through Social School anytime and anywhere. Direct connect with your child's teachers is one click away.

Content made for you

With Social Schhol, you will get only the content that is related to your child. No more wasting time on articles, videos, photos and all other content that is related for other classes or students.

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